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I have the Japanese ability to pass the JLPT level N2 test, but I have not taken the test so far. Can I still apply to the internship?
Yes. Although certification of your Japanese ability is not mandatory, participants must have at least the JLPT level N2 or equivalent Japanese proficiency and be able to perform duties in Japanese.
I am a current JET participant now, but my appointment will end in August. Can I participate in the internship?
Unfortunately, this internship programme is only available to current JET participants who are being reappointed for the year following their participation in the internships.
I have other work duties to attend to during the internship periods, so may I participate in only part of the internship?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Only JET participants who can participate for the entirety of one of the internship periods may apply.
Work Regulations
Do I need to use paid leave to participate?
In principle, participation in the internship is not considered part of a JET participant’s regular work duties, so participants must use paid leave. Please consult with your contracting organisation regarding this matter.
Can we indicate preferences for the day of our interview?
Yes. Applicants who pass the first round of screening will be consulted regarding their preference for interview times. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet everyone’s requests, so we ask for your cooperation and understanding in arranging the interview schedule.
Will the interview be in Japanese?
The interview will primarily be in Japanese. Details regarding the interview will be sent to participants who pass the first round of screening.
Can I choose the company at which I intern?
After the participants have been finalised, you will be given the option to give your preferences for the company at which you would like to intern. Your preferences will be taken into consideration as much as possible; however, we may not be able to match you with your preferred companies.
What kind of companies will participate in the internship programme?
Recruitment of participating companies is done concurrently with the JET participant recruitment and selection, so the participating companies have not been decided yet.

In past internship programmes, a wide variety of companies such as manufactures, information and communications companies, wholesale and retail companies, education companies, and service companies, etc. have accepted interns.
What should we do regarding transportation and accommodations during the internship?
Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own transportation and accommodations.
Do I have the chance of being hired by the company I intern at after I finish the JET Programme?
The JET Internship Programme was conceived as a work-experience for JET participants to attain a better understanding of the kinds of global personnel Japanese companies and organisations are seeking and reexamine their professional aspirations for the benefit of their own job-searching activities after finishing the JET Programme. In general, the internship programme does not have the objective of introducing participants to potential employers.
How many interns will each company accept?
Some companies will only accept one intern, while others will accept several. In 2022, approximately 40 interns were selected to participate in the Internship Programme.

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