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For JET Programme participants and alumni looking to take the next step in their career, CLAIR provides opportunities for networking with alumni, learning about occupations and fields in which alumni are active, meeting with organisations interested in hiring JET Programme participants, and exploring ways to utilize one’s experience on the Programme in one’s career.

Upon finishing the Programme, many participants decide to pursue careers outside of Japan. CLAIR hosts the annual After JET Conference (AJC), where JET alumni who have made successful careers outside of Japan country speak and offer advice as career consultants.

In recent years, CLAIR has also increased support for JET Programme participants seeking employment in Japan through career fairs and an internship programme run in cooperation with Japanese companies, as well as the Career Vision Seminar where JET participants can learn how to utilise their experience on the programme in their future career. This is part of CLAIR’s mission as a Japanese government-affiliated organisation to support the government’s current economic policies, and to encourage JET participants to continue to work and thrive in Japan.

CLAIR seeks to continue to receive input from JET Programme participants as well as draw on the expertise of alumni and professionals to further expand its career support initiatives, with the ultimate goal of attracting even more excellent individuals to participate in the Programme.

After JET Conference

A conference providing useful information and networking opportunities for current JET participants who are in the final year of their appointment and would like to consider their next career move with the help of professionals and JET alumni.
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JET Programme Career Fair

A job fair for current and former JET participants seeking employment in Japan. Two major career fairs are held each year in Osaka and the Greater Tokyo area (the latter in conjunction with the After JET Conference). Additional career fairs are hosted by local governments in other regions of Japan.
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JET Internship Programme

A work experience at a Japanese company for current JET Programme participants with a high-level of Japanese language ability.
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Career Vision Seminar

A seminar aiming to help JET participants solve their concerns regarding finding employment after finishing their term on the JET programme, through providing info on job searching and advice on how to utilise their unique experience in their future careers.  ≫ More Details

After JET Guide

A publication for JET participants finishing their term of appointment on JET which contains useful information about preparing to leave the Programme, dealing with reverse culture shock, and pursuing either higher education or new career opportunities after JET.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the link below to see frequently asked questions regarding CLAIR’s career support initiatives for JET Programme participants.
Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni Career Corner

CLAIR features articles about former JET participants who have achieved career success in a variety of fields in its publication “CLAIR Forum” (Japanese only) and the After JET Guide.

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