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CLAIR provides career support for JET Programme participants and alumni who are preparing for the next step in their career. All the programmes are free to attend, and include internships, lectures, networking events and career fairs held in Tokyo and Osaka. The goal of these events is to encourage JETs to explore ways of leveraging the JET experience as well as the wider JET alumni network in their post-JET careers. Information on these programs will be provided to those eligible via CLAIR News or alumni outreach.

JET Programme Internship

Internship Photo

OVERVIEW: A week-long internship for JETs to gain additional work experience in Japan.

LOCATION: Online and in-person at various companies around Japan.

TARGET: JETs in their 2nd year or above who have Japanese ability equivalent to JLPT N2 level Japanese or higher and are interested in working in Japan.

PERIOD: August


Career Vision Conference

A Screenshot of the Career Vision Conference

OVERVIEW: JET alumni who have built successful careers in various fields inside and outside of Japan speak about their industries and offer career advice.


TARGET: All current JETs/JET alumni who are interested in learning about potential career paths from experts inside and outside of Japan

PERIOD: November


Essentials of Job-Hunting in Japan Webinar

A Screenshot of the Job-Hunting in Japan Webinar

OVERVIEW: A webinar designed to support JETs interested in finding continued employment in Japan, including Japanese resume writing advice, info on the Japanese labor market and Japanese business manner.


TARGET: All current JETs/JET alumni interested in continuing to work in Japan

PERIOD: January


After JET Networking and Career Consultations

A Screenshot of the After JET Networking and Career Consultations

OVERVIEW: A networking event where JETs make connections with other JETs and JET alumni working in or interested in a variety of industries. It is also possible to book a 1-on-1 career consultation with a JET alumni in your field of choice.


TARGET: Current JET Programme participants in their final year of appointment and JET alumni.

PERIOD: February


JET Programme Career Fair

A Photo of the Career Fair

OVERVIEW: The official JET Programme Career Fair for current and former JET participants seeking employment in Japan. Additional career fairs are hosted by local governments in other regions of Japan.

LOCATION: Greater Tokyo Area, Osaka

TARGET: JETs in their last year of appointment who are seeking employment in Japan, and JET alumni.

PERIOD: February – March


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