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Basic Online ALT Training System for JETs (BOATS for JETs)

The JET Programme offers the Basic Online ALT Training System (BOATS) for JETs to help Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) acclimate to and thrive in their roles in the Japanese educational system. This course aims to give the necessary knowledge and skills to ALTs to facilitate their smooth communication with Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) from the lesson planning stage until the preparations before class. It also aims to give ALTs an understanding of their basic responsibilities in the classroom, ensuring that effective team teaching can be accomplished and the overall standard of English teaching can be raised.

Video SampleThrough this course, you will learn:
・The basic curriculum requirements at each school level and how to best communicate with teachers in your new school
・Practical techniques and fun, interactive activities for teaching new vocabulary
・Practical techniques and interactive activities for teaching speaking

This course, carefully designed by the British Council in cooperation with CLAIR after a rigorous needs analysis, contains videos to make the teaching techniques concrete, as well as quizzes to consolidate your understanding.

As a JET participant, you will receive a welcome email titled “eNetlearn-Welcome” from the British Council (email address: noreply AT, which is our system provider. Please use this email to register for the course.
* If the welcome email is not in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder.
* If the email is not present in any folders, please contact gyomu AT to request a new copy.

Video SampleParticipant Comments:
・“The course gave great models and examples to see how to execute the methods in a classroom. The directions were very clear, and the concepts were broken down in a clear way.”
・“This is a great course for beginners to understand the fundamentals of teaching.”
・“I thought it was a very well-planned out course. It was very helpful.”

Links and Documents:
Online training for new ALTs:

≫ Logging in to “BOATS for JETs” For the First Time (PDF) PDF

≫ How to Reset Your “BOATS for JETs” Password (PDF) PDF

*A helpline is available upon accessing the website. Please click the “Help” button for consultation relating to this training.

≫ Basic Online ALT Training System for JETs (BOATS for JETs) Course Guide PDF

You can get a certificate of completion!

Certificate of Completion

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