Essentials of Job-Hunting in Japan Webinar

Essentials of Job-Hunting in Japan Webinar


Previously titled the Career Vision Web Seminar. The content and purpose remain the same.

The 2024 Seminar has already concluded. Information about the 2025 Essentials of Job-Hunting in Japan Webinar will be sent out in late 2024.

The purpose of the Essentials of Job-Hunting in Japan Webinar, previously known as the Career Vision Web Seminar, is to help current and former JET Programme participants who have a desire to stay in Japan approach their post-JET career with confidence. Learn what Japanese companies want and how to organise your CV in preparation for the JET Programme Career Fair. Information on job-hunting in Japan and concrete advice on preparing your CV are provided by a professional career counsellor, while a Q&A session with former JETs who got hired through the JET Programme Career Fair provides perspective on challenges and opportunities experienced by foreign workers in Japan.

Since 2015, Mariko Inoue has worked as an independent career counsellor and program facilitator, specializing in providing career support and skill development opportunities to international students and foreign nationals. She provides support for human resource development and organizational development for a wide range of organizations, including corporations, local governments, and medical institutions. She also works as a career counselor for international students and foreign nationals at a career support center and a business school, as well as provides consultation services to companies that employ foreign nationals.

27 January (Sat), 2024
English: 13:00–15:20
Japanese: 16:00–18:20 (will only be held if requested)

Current or former JET Programme participants who wish to obtain a job in Japan post-JET.

Online (Zoom)
*Zoom links will be sent out the day before the webinar.

The Essentials of Job-Hunting in Japan Webinar focuses on topics which will help JET Programme participants secure their next job in Japan after their JET appointment ends, such as:

  • Current state and prospects of the labour market for foreigners in Japan
  • Basics of job-hunting in Japan and HR/labor knowledge
  • Practical job-hunting methods
  • How to utilize experiences on the JET Programme in your future career
  • Q&A session with former JETs

Additional Resources
The following videos provide information on job-hunting as well as other topics and are intended to help you find a job in Japan after your term on the JET Programme.

(1) The current status and future prospects of the labour market for foreign workers

(2) The basics of job hunting

(3) How to make the most of your JET Programme experience

(4) Specific methods for job hunting in the future

Other Career Support
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