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Career Vision Conference

The Career Vision Conference (formerly known as the After JET Conference (AJC)) is hosted annually to provide future career guidance to all JET Programme participants. By providing information about possible future career paths open to JET Programme participants, CLAIR aims to enrich their lives after they finish their time on the programme. The conference will consist of panel discussions with JET alumni and professionals working in various fields both within and outside of Japan, such as education, translation and interpretation, travel and tourism, education, and many others.

Attendance at CVC is optional.

Some of the presentation materials from the latest conferences will be posted to this page for those JET Programme participants who cannot attend CVC (see below)

About the 2023-2024 Career Vision Conference

The 2023-2024 Career Vision Conference is open to all JET Programme participants as well as JET Programme alumni. The conference will be held over the weekend of 18-19 November.

The Career Vision Conference will be held online over Zoom Webinars, with a limit of 3,000 attendees per session. Session links will be sent to attendees who pre-register. Information will be sent to eligible participants via contracting organisations, CLAIR News, and alumni outreach.

Previous Years’ Materials

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