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JET Programme 30th Anniversary Photo Contest

The Department of JET Programme Management at CLAIR is pleased to announce the winners of the JET Programme 30th Anniversary Photo Contest!

As a part of the 30th Anniversary celebration of the JET Programme, CLAIR is planning to distribute anniversary postcards worldwide in order to encourage the JET community to keep in touch with their local communities in Japan. We hosted the photo contest in order to choose the photo motifs for these postcards, and in response, have received a total of 81 submissions.

Thank you to all who submitted their natsukashii or wafū photos. We were pleasantly surprised by the many wonderful submissions and are proud to announce the five winning photos below:


mandy Yozakura – Takada Castle

Bruce Reid (Miyagi Prefecture 2011 – 2012; Niigata Prefecture 2015-2016) “Yozakura – Takada Castle (landscape)” (Takada Park in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, April 2016) Theme: Wafu

mandy 753 Celebration

Josh Del Pino (Shimane Prefecture, 2001-2004; 2010-2015) “753 Celebration” (Shimane Prefecture, Izumo-taisha, 2012) Theme: Wafu

mandy Together, We Grow

Justin Hou (Fukuoka Prefecture, 2014-2018) “Together we grow” (Amagi, Fukuoka, 2016) Theme: Natsukashii

mandy The Way Home

Sarah Pragnell (Tamba-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, 2014-2017) “The Way Home” (Tamba-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, 2016) Theme: Natsukashii

mandy Winter in Tsumago

Roland Carlos (Amakusa City 2011-2014; Kumamoto Prefecture 2014-2016) “Winter in Tsumago” (Tsumago-juku, Wakihonjin (Nagano Prefecture), January 2015) Theme: Wafu

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