It is essential that JET participants maintain healthy communication and work cooperatively with the members of their contracting organisations, including their supervisors, superiors, and colleagues. However, in any international setting, difficulties and misunderstandings may arise from time to time.

Here, we will explain the system of support in place for JET Programme participants. Please also reference the diagram outlining the JET Programme Support System on p.160 of the General Information Handbook.

JET Programme Support System

JET Programme Support System

Contracting Organisation

If you are facing an issue or are unable to find certain information on your own, we advise you to consult with your supervisor at your contracting organisation. Your supervisor is someone with whom we encourage you to build a trusting relationship with from the start. Your supervisor will know your employment and living situation better than anyone and should be helpful with enquiries related to these matters. Please find out who your supervisor is as soon as you arrive and obtain emergency contact details for him/her.

Prefectural Advisor (PA)

Certain ALTs, CIRs, and Japanese local government employees serve as prefectural advisors in each Host Prefecture/Designated City and often work in the prefecture or designated city’s international affairs division or board of education. They can provide useful information for JET participants and contracting organisations, however JET participants should contact their contracting organisation before contacting a prefectural advisor.

Additional Support from CLAIR

In addition to discussing and maintaining healthy communications with contracting organisations, please review the information on the following two pages.

Other Sources of Support

The General Information Handbook (GIH) contains contact information for the following support services:

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