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JET Letter (JET Plaza)

Current and former JET participants are featured in the “JET Letter” section of the monthly CLAIR Forum magazine. Here, you can read articles about their activities and experiences on the JET Programme.

All articles published after 2017 can be viewed via the link below.
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*All recent articles are only available in Japanese.


August 2017
PDF Continuing Montyʼs Legacy Department of JET Programme Management
June 2017
PDF 我们家的岛根缘 Liu Pei Yao
February 2017
PDF A letter from ex JET Ian Wheatley
November 2016
PDF L’influence du Programme JET Anne-Line Rey
August 2016
PDF Living with earthquakes Nathalie Ng
February 2016
PDF My Ever-Evolving CIR Work Keiko Holmes
December 2015
PDF Planting Seeds of Adventure Carly Haden
November 2015
PDF Beyond Stereotypes Ludovic De Pinho
September 2015
PDF Learning to Be Prepared for the Unexpected Krista Bogdanova
May 2015
PDF Meeting Expectations Colin Catchings
PDF The Road Not Taken Jay Liegl
January 2015
PDF An evolving Relationship with Japan and JET Christopher Cullen
PDF Once a JET, Always a JET Nuntica Tanasugarn
September 2014
PDF Connection Jaclyn Thompson
PDF Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Ayesha Constable
August 2014
PDF Reaching for Higher Goals Jeng Ying Tay
PDF A Home Away from Home Michael Maher King
July 2014
PDF Being a Dutch ALT in Japan Lieuwe Boer
PDF Enduring Connections Laurel Stevens Lukaszewski
June 2014
PDF The Influence of an ALT Sam Ghirardello
PDF Enduring Connections Laurel Stevens Lukaszewski
March 2014
PDF International Power Ranger Christopher Chong
PDF 20/20 Hindsight Don Brown
February 2014
PDF Language and Reciprocity Jody Maria-Ann Dixon
PDF A Life Trajectory Shaped by the JET Programme Dr. Adam Komisarof
January 2014
PDF「JET参加者としての決意 ~両国の架け橋として~」 Anderson Missao Morishita (in Portuguese)
PDF From Classroom to Career Philippe Arseneau
December 2013
PDF Natori My Second Home Marshall Ikeda
PDF「ベートーヴェンと鳴門へ」 Mattias Hirschfeld (in German)
November 2013
PDF「運命の仕事」 Nanzad Ganchimeg (in Mongolian)
PDF JET Generations Anthony Bianchi
September 2013
PDF JET Perspective Ari Kaplan
PDF「韓国と日本の架け橋になって」 Ukyoung Yoo (in Korean)
August 2013

PDF「CIRの仕事がもたらすもの」 Samuel Bitho (in French)
PDF Rural Diplomat Marie-Claire Joyce

July 2013
PDF「ロシア語のALTの夢」 Shachneva Elena (in Japanese)
PDF「山口で食の冒険」 Jorge Galue Piqueras (in Spanish)
PDF Twice in a Lifetime Mark Flanigan
June 2013
PDF「一人のベルギー人の物語」 Marlies Holvoet (in Dutch)
PDF My Long Journey to the Beginning David Namisato
May 2013
PDF「人とつながるCIRの仕事」 Eva Haslauer (in German)
PDF The Heart of Toyone Jordan Patrick Lincez
April 2013
PDF Dream Abroad Mary Margaret Gilliam
PDF The Heart of Tradition Hannah Olivieri
February 2013
PDF Grants Enable ALT to Support Community Marcus Springer
January 2013
PDF A Passion for Farming Jasmine Li
PDF Adoption Of and By Japan Austin Moore
December 2012
PDF「一期一会」 Janette Fuchs (in German)
PDF「JETプログラムCIRの抱える課題」 Florent Gorges (in French)
November 2012
PDF Across Yamanashi Annabella Massey
PDF The Reverse JET Effect Joseph Rybarczyk
October 2012
PDF「光陰矢のごとし」 Fenglai Cui (in Chinese)
PDF The Importance of Looking Stupid Joseph Rybarczyk
September 2012
PDF A Tool for Life David Raftery
PDF Making a Difference Post-JET Melissa Collett
August 2012
PDF「私はALTですか?」 Olga Czyzak (in German)
PDF Language of the Heart Jennifer Jakubowski
May 2012
PDF「心に通じる国際交流」 Evgeny Borodich (in Russian)
PDF The Japan I Came to Know Mark Williams
April 2012
PDF「私の忘れられない体験」 Meital Levin (in Hebrew)
PDF Refocusing on Our Communities Ryan Hart
March 2012
PDF Japan 365: Postcard Project Jonathan Muzacz
PDF Once a JET, Always a JET Jessyca Wilcox
February 2012
PDF Life on JET Speed Denise Schlickbernd
PDF JET Alumni Throughout the World Interview with Alison Beale
PDF JETAA International Meeting and Rikuzentakata Volunteer Trip Shree Kurlekar
December 2011
PDF「小さな私の先輩」 Mei Li (in Chinese)
PDF JET Alumni Throughout the World Interview with Matthew Fuller
October 2011
PDF Mind… Wandering… Hannah Eastham
September 2011
PDF「韓国と日本、そして私と世界をつなげるJET」 Jean Yu (in Korean)
PDF JET Alumni Throughout the World Interview with Susan Iwamoto
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