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JET Positions

Each JET Programme participant is employed as one of the following positions: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), Coordinator for International Relations (CIR), or Sports Exchange Advisor (SEA).
All JET participants, regardless of their title, are here for the same reason: to interact with local communities to promote internationalisation at the local level.



These participants are placed mainly in public schools or local boards of education. ALTs assist with classes taught by Japanese Teachers of English/Language (JTEs/JTLs) and are thus involved in the preparation of teaching materials and in extracurricular activities such as English clubs or sports teams. More than 90% of JET participants are employed as ALTs.

Typical duties for an ALT:

  • Team-teaching, or assisting with classes taught by JTEs/JTLs
  • Assisting in the preparation of teaching materials
  • Participating in extra-curricular activities with students
  • 国際交流員、タイトル


    Applicants with a functional command of the Japanese language can apply to work as CIRs, assisting local government offices in international exchange activities at the local level. Just under 10% of JET participants are CIRs and major duties often include translation/interpretation for government officials, teaching community or school English classes, and international exchange event planning and implementation.

    Duties for a CIR may include:

  • Receiving guests from abroad
  • Editing and producing pamphlets in English or Japanese
  • Advising and planning international exchange programmes
  • Teaching English (or other languages) to government employees and local residents
  • スポーツ国際交流員、タイトル


    SEAs work for local governments, coaching and promoting internationalisation through the universal language of sports. SEAs are sports professionals whose role is to assist with sports training and the planning of sports related projects.

    JET Programme Experiences

    This video gives you an inside look into the lives of 3 JETs, as well as their specific roles on the JET Programme.

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