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JET Internship Programme (for JET Participants)
JET Internship Programme (for JET Participants)
A Work Experience Programme at Japanese Companies for JET Participants Looking to Advance Their Career
JET Internship Programme

The JET Internship Programme seeks to meet the needs of Japanese companies looking for global personnel and JET Programme participants who have developed international awareness and want the opportunity to advance their post-JET career in Japan. From 2017, CLAIR is partnering with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government so that even more JET participants can use the JET Internship Programme.

For JET Participants

It is our hope that JET Programme participants can utilise their internship to develop a greater awareness of the working world, attain a better understanding of the kinds of global personnel Japanese companies are seeking and actively use this for the benefit of their job-searching activities after finishing the JET Programme.

2017 JET Internship Programme Summary
Internship Period:

Participants can choose to participate in one of the following internship periods.
Each internship period is five weekdays.

Host: CLAIR Host: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
1. Monday, 31 July – Friday, 4 August 2017 1. Monday, 21 August – Friday, 25 August 2017
2. Monday, 4 September- Friday, 8 September 2017 2. Monday, 28 August – Friday, 1 September 2017
3. Monday, 11 September – Friday, 15 September 2017
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