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Overseas Accidents and JET Programme Accident Insurance

Accidents Occurring outside Japan (Coverage during Temporary Leave Abroad)

There is a supplementary contract for insurance coverage during a JET participant’s temporary return to his/her home country. If a JET participant becomes ill or injured within a 30-day period while temporarily returning to his/her home country, benefits will be paid in accordance with the stipulations of the JET Accident Insurance Policy.

When making a claim for benefits, copies of the relevant passport pages will be required in order to verify the entry dates and departure dates, both to and from Japan and the JET participant’s home country and/or a third country.

*30 days are counted from the date following the date of entry into the JET participant’s home country.
*As a rule, if the policyholder receives treatment for injuries and/or an illness that occurred in Japan for personal reasons, fees other than hospital fees (such as expenses for returning to the home country) may not be reimbursed by the company.
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