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JET Programme Voices

※NOTE: JET Programme Voices is currently on indefinite hiatus.

1.Project Details

The JET Programme Voices column publicises the JET Programme through stories that highlight the charm and appeal of local communities and life in Japan as seen through the eyes of current and former JET participants.

Articles submitted by JET participants and selected by CLAIR are published by Yomiuri Shimbun in the English language publication, The Japan News.

Publication Date Title
10 September 2020 Fisherman for a day
16 July 2020 Vegan community
11 June 2020 Breaking barriers through sports
8 May 2020 Walking my own path
9 April 2020 Just beyond Tokyo
20 February 2020 Oden on mountaintop
11 January 2020 Sado or Sadon’t: Japanese Tea Ceremony
13 December 2019 Learning to love winter
9 November 2019 Falling for seasonal foods
16 October 2019 Welcome to the ‘Shodo-Bu’ calligraphy club
24 September 2019 Solo trip rarely means traveling alone
9 August 2019 Lulled to sleep by crickets under a star-speckled sky
12 July 2019 A cherished memory
14 June 2019 Power of the People
10 May 2019 My Gunma neighbors
12 April 2019 Learning to be a Lady
14 March 2019 Once upon a pumpkin patch
14 February 2019 ‘Off the edge’ island ideal to discover Japan
17 January 2019 Becoming the African taiko player
20 December 2018 Akita’s four seasons
22 November 2018 You meet the nicest people on a scooter
25 October 2018 Multicultural symbiosis
27 September 2018 Ishigaki Island’s Gift
23 August 2018 Friends in high places
19 July 2018 Power of sports
14 June 2018 Seeing with new eyes
10 May 2018 I found myself in Japan’s countryside
5 April 2018 Hit the Road
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