Information for Companies Part 3: Career Fairs and Internship Q&A

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企業向け情報 Part3 キャリアフェア及びインターンシップQ&A
企業向け情報 Part3 キャリアフェア及びインターンシップQ&A
What level of Japanese language skill do JET participants have?
A survey of JET participants who took part in JET Programme Career Fairs indicated that around 50% of participants held level N2 or higher on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), while around 20% either held JLPT level N1 or a had a higher equivalent skill level.
What subjects did JET participants study as students?
Social Science 社会科学 34%
Humanities 人文科学 25%
Languages 言語 24%
Science 自然科学 11%
Business 経営学等 6%
What is the ratio between the three types of JET Programme job positions?
Overall: ALT: 91.4%, CIR: 8.6%, SEA: <0.1%
Career Fair attendees: ALT: 90%, CIR: 10%
What is the average age of JET participants?
How old are the JET participants available for employment?
20-24 years old 1,652 participants 28.7%
25-29 years old 2,857 participants 49.6%
30-34 years old 899 participants 15%
35-39 years old 278 participants 4.8%
40-44 years old 55 participants 1%
50 years old and above 20 participants 0.4%

*Ages as of 1 April 2020

When do JET participants become available for employment?
98% of JET participants complete their term of employment in late July/ early August, making them available for subsequent employment from August onwards.
The remaining 2% are available from mid-April onwards (Primarily participants from China and Korea).
Is it possible to recruit for specific roles only (e.g. global sales, interpreting)?
Yes. However, there are limitations to roles relating to language instruction.
From when can employment start?
The dates when a JET participant can join a company and start working will vary by individual, but must be after that same individual has completed his or her appointment as a JET participant.
Employing a JET participant before the end of his or her term of employment will cause problems for his or her employer, so we ask for your consideration regarding this matter.
When can interviews, explanatory sessions, and screening of candidates begin?
Participants make decisions about their JET Programme employment in mid-January, so interviews, explanatory sessions, and screening of candidates should be carried out from late January onwards.
Is it permissible to use personal data gained through Career Fairs and Internships in the recruitment process?
Yes, as long as such information is used only for recruitment and screening.
Can we be introduced to JET Programme participants or JET alumni?
JET Programme Career Fairs are intended as a platform for companies to meet with JET participants and to make selections, but it is not possible for CLAIR to mediate in recruitment or to introduce participants directly.
Can all JET participants speak English?
Most JET participants can speak English, even if they are not from English speaking countries, but there are some participants who are not able to speak English.
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