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CLAIR News October 2020 (Supplementary)

Regarding Safety Confirmation

The Japan Meteorological Agency from August 2013 has issued alerts when natural phenomena such as heavy rain, violent winds, and high tides are forecasted which greatly exceed normal standards. When the possibility of similarly grave natural disasters to occur rises considerably, an emergency warning is issued which urges the highest level of vigilance.

In addition, as outlined in a press release by the Japan Meteorological Agency dated on October 2019, individual municipalities and island regions can also be subject to emergency warnings.

In the event of an earthquake on the Japanese seismic scale of seismic intensity of 5 upper or above or a significant natural disaster occurs in which an emergency warning is issued by the Japan Meteorlogical Agency, we will contact all JET participants to confirm their safety.

We ask for your continued support in responding to each of these messages as they arrive.

Japan National Tourism Organization Begins #MyOwnPersonalJapan Campaign on Social Media

The Japan National Tourism Organization is currently conducting a social media campaign aimed at foreigners who are either currently living in Japan, or who have lived in Japan for a long period of time in the past.

The theme of the campaign is ‘My own personal Japan; scenery to see and things to experience with your loved ones’. Please post your photos and videos of Japanese tourist spots on social media based on your personal experiences. Because you have knowledge of Japan as JET Programme participants, we invite you post about the lesser known charms of the country that only you know (you may also use past social media posts as long as they fit the criteria).

With regards to participation in the campaign, in addition to creating a post on social media using the designated hashtag, an e-mail submission to the campaign coordinator is necessary. For details, please consult the following URL. 10 participants judged to have outstanding submissions will be selected to receive prizes, such as travel vouchers, valued at up to 100,000 yen for each winner (please consult the supplementary information below for general points of consideration regarding prizes and posting information on social media).

Application period: 19 October (Mon) – 6 December (Sun)

Details of the campaign:

Japan National Tourism Organization Press Release (Japanese only):

★Supplementary information: points of consideration regarding submissions and prizes

・Participation is voluntary. For those who wish to participate, please conduct filming and post submissions outside of work hours.

Your application to this contest must be made as a private foreign resident in Japan, not as a JET Programme participant or in conjunction with your contracting organisation (receiving help from your contracting organisation). This is due to laws governing the actions of civil servants in Japan. Those who wish to apply should not mention their participation in the JET Programme and simply apply privately using their name.

・However, if you wish to include any material that pertains to your work duties either in your submitted images, videos, or writing (for example, if you wish to use photos taken during your working hours at your workplace or during a business trip), you must gain permission to use this media from your contracting organisation. In addition, please discuss with your supervisor about declining the prizes offered if you are chosen as a winner.

・Applicants shall retain the rights to all submitted images and videos. Please make sure that any submitted images or videos which contain other people do not infringe on their privacy rights.
(Reference – General Information Handbook P.102 – 103)

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