After JET Conference / JET Programme Career Fairs FAQ

After JET Conference / JET Programme Career Fairs FAQ
After JET Conference / JET Programme Career Fairs FAQ
1. Are the After JET Conference and the JET Programme Career Fair the same event? What is the difference between the two events?
The After JET Conference is an online event where you can meet former JET Programme participants and learn about their post-JET job hunting experience. Former JET Programme participants working in various industries inside and outside of Japan will be available on the day to present on topics such as possible career options for JETs, how to find jobs, how to market your JET experience and many more. There will also be a networking opportunity for participants to ask former JETs about any career-related questions.
The career fairs, on the other hand, are events where you can meet companies and organisations who are looking to hire global talent. Through the career fairs, leaving JET Programme participants can learn about job openings participating companies may have and how to apply for them. We are holding an in-person career fair in Tokyo on 26 February, and in Osaka on 4 March. The Tokyo career fair will have partial online participation. Apply and find out more information in the link below.
2. Is attendance at the After JET Conference and/or the Career Fair mandatory? How much does it cost to participate the two events?
No, attendance at the After JET Conference and/or the Career Fair is voluntary. Attendance is free for both events; however, participants are responsible for any charges incurred by participation (i.e., travel costs, electricity, internet, cell phone data).
3. Is it necessary to register in advance for the After JET Conference and/or the Career Fair?
Yes. While we would like to welcome as many participants as possible to these events, we ask that all attendees register in advance as there is a limited number of places available.
4. Do I need to download anything to join the events?
For the After JET Conference, we will be using a virtual event platform called Remo. Unlike Zoom, Remo is more interactive and has a dedicated space for networking so participants will be able to move around freely from one table to another and exchange with other attendees. We will send more information on how to use Remo closer to the event dates but for now please check the following video if you want to learn more about this online tool.

Remo can be used with most browsers so there is no need to download any software. Click the following link to see if your device is compatible with Remo.

The After JET Conference will also make use of Zoom for industry presentation and Q&As sessions. Like Remo you can access Zoom using your browser however in order to access all features (including English to Japanese interpretation) we recommend that you download and install the Zoom client.
5. Can I sign in late or sign out before the event is over?
In general, participants are free to come and go as they please. However, we encourage participants to submit the events evaluation survey after participating.
6. Will CLAIR provide information about how to obtain a visa after finishing my term of appointment?
We recommend JET participants consult the website of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan and/or directly enquire about the necessary procedures with their regional Immigration Bureau.
7. Will information about pension refunds, booking return flights, etc. be provided at the events?
No. JET Programme participants are encouraged to consult with their supervisor and refer to both the General Information Handbook (Chapter 7) and After JET Guide for more information about pension refunds and return airfare, etc.
8. I cannot attend the After JET Conference and/or the Career Fair because of work obligations. Is there any way I can receive information about the events’ content?
Participants who cannot attend the After JET Conference will be able to find a selection of materials used at the After JET Conference online at the JET Programme website. These will be available from early/mid-February 2022 until the end of August.
Participants interested in applying for jobs at companies that attend the Career Fair may also find useful information about job-hunting on the Career Fair website.
9. Is it possible to get a list of companies participating in the Career Fairs in advance?
Information regarding companies participating in the Career Fair is scheduled to be made available on the Career Fair website one month before the event.
10. I want to participate in the Career Fair, but I don’t know if I should do in-person or online. Which do you recommend?
We recommend participating in-person. By participating in-person you will have a chance to talk to each company’s representatives directly, see if they are a good match for you, and ultimately leave a better, stronger impression than if you were participating online. You will also be able to directly demonstrate your skills and talents, and express your desire and passion in finding your next career. While participating in-person does require travel and accommodation fees, we hope that your passion and enthusiasm is conveyed to the company representative and leads to your future success in Japan.
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