JET Programme Career Fairs FAQ

JET Programme Career Fairs FAQ
1. Who is eligible to attend the Career Fairs?
Current JET Progamme Participants in their final year of appointment, as well as former JETs.
2. I am not in my final year, but can I attend the Career Fairs as an observer?
No. You must be in your final year of appointment on the JET Programme to attend. However, there are other career support provisions which are accessible to current JETs who are not in their final year of appointment.
Please see here for more information.
3. What companies are coming to the Career Fairs this year?
The list of companies will be published about a month before the Career Fairs. However, a list of companies which participated in previous years can be viewed on the Career Fair homepage.
4. How can I prepare for the Career Fairs?
Research the industries and companies you are interested in, write your CV in English and Japanese and practice your self-introduction and interview manners. CLAIR also offers a variety of support, including lectures and career counselling, to help you prepare for the Career Fairs and job hunting after JET.
5. Do you have to apply for the Career Fairs in advance?
Yes, applications to participate will open approx. 3 months in advance.
6. How much does it cost to attend the Career Fairs?
It is free to attend, however all costs of accommodation and travel fees must be paid for by the JET Participant.
7. Can I attend the Career Fairs even if my Japanese isn’t perfect?
Yes. Even if your Japanese is not perfect, making your best effort to speak in Japanese will go a long way. Also, some companies will have representatives at the fair who are able to speak English. However, please be aware that most participating companies do have Japanese language level requirements for their staff. You will have access to information about the desired Japanese language ability for each company after completing registration for the Career Fair.
8. Do any companies offer positions in my home country or countries outside of Japan?
The majority of companies will only be hiring for positions within Japan.
9. What is the difference between online participation and in-person participation?
We strongly recommend participating in-person. It gives you access to more companies, the opportunity to talk to company representatives directly, see if they are a good match for you, and to ultimately leave a stronger impression on them than if you participated online. However, if in-person participation is not feasible for you, online participation will still give you the chance to join live information sessions with several companies (some with Q&A time, some without).
10. Will any information about pension refunds, booking return flights, or general information about leaving the JET Programme be provided at the JET Programme Career Fair?
No. The sole purpose of the Career Fair is to connect current and former JETs with companies looking to hire global talent.
11. Do you recommend attending both the Tokyo and Osaka Career Fairs?
While it is possible to attend both locations of the Career Fair, this may not be necessary. We recommend attending the Career Fair that has the most companies that you are interested in. The Osaka Career Fair tends to focus more on companies which are based in the Kansai region, so please check the company list when it is released. While visiting the same company in both Tokyo and Osaka may show your enthuasiasm and dedication, the information presented will most likely remain the same, therefore there is no need to attend both Career Fairs if your goal is to visit the same company.
12. Should I still attend if none of the companies particularly interest me?
Even if none of the companies interest you at first, we still highly recommend attending the Career Fairs and talking to various types of companies. Many companies that you may not have had an interest in at first can turn out to be wonderful opportunities and be completely different from what you first expected.
13. How many companies can I speak to at the Career Fair?
There is no limit on the amount of companies you can speak to at the Career Fair. However, the Career Fair can be busy, so we recommend prioritizing the companies you would like to speak to. We often hear JETs say they weren’t able to visit as many companies as they initially intended.
14. What should I bring to the Career Fair?
We advise bringing CVs on the day to hand to companies, as well as bringing your business cards if you have them. Any additional information will be given out upon registration for the Career Fair.

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