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After JET Conference 2017
2017 Handouts and Presentations
Day 1
Presentation/Workshop Title Handout Presentation
Introduction of JETAA Activities ≫ Presentation PDF
Keynote Address – Creating a New Vision of Work* ≫ Handout PDF ≫ Presentation PDF
Marketing Your JET Experience ≫ Presentation PDF

*Online resources page from keynote speaker (Andrea Jacques):

Information Exchange and Networking Event Handout
Useful Resources for Coaches and Facilitators ≫ Handout PDF
Intercultural Communication ≫ Handout PDF
Transferable skill sets JETs can promote ≫ Handout PDF
Useful information about becoming a translator ≫ Handout PDF
Creative living for career fulfillment ≫ Handout PDF
Cross-cultural consulting and training companies ≫ Handout PDF
Tips for job hunting ≫ Handout PDF
Career path after the JET Programme ≫ Handout PDF
Starting a conversation school in Japan ≫ Handout PDF
Careers in education (non-Teaching) ≫ Handout PDF
Photography and web design ≫ Handout PDF
General job hunting tips and how to be a cross-border strategic consultant ≫ Handout PDF
Careers in travel and tourism ≫ Handout PDF
Interpreting and translating resources ≫ Handout PDF
HR and general job hunting tips ≫ Handout PDF
Games industry and how to get into it ≫ Handout PDF
Useful links for future educators ≫ Handout PDF
Fitness industry and general Japan job hunting tips ≫ Handout PDF
7 ways to craft your career ≫ Handout PDF
Hot Resource Sites – TESOL 2017 ≫ Handout PDF
Hot Resource Sites – Translation Interpretation 2017 ≫ Handout PDF
Hot Resource Sites – International Business 2017 ≫ Handout PDF
Hot Resource Sites – Policy 2017 ≫ Handout PDF
Networking for Introverts 2017 ≫ Handout PDF
Day 2
Workshop Title Handout Presentation
Getting Into Graduate School ≫ Handout PDF ≫ Presentation PDF
Careers in Travel & Tourism ≫ Handout PDF ≫ Presentation PDF
Creative Careers: Web Design & Photography ≫ Handout PDF ≫ Presentation PDF
Interpreting/Translating ≫ Handout PDF ≫ Presentation PDF
Careers in Education (1): Alternative Careers ≫ Handout PDF
Cross-Cultural Consultation ≫ Handout PDF ≫ Presentation PDF
Careers in Education (2): Working as a Teacher ≫ Handout PDF ≫ Presentation PDF

≫ JET Alumni Association Chapter Contact Information

≫ Handouts and Presentations from past After JET Conferences

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