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JET Programme Video Contest

【 About the JET Programme Video Contest 】

  • As part of its efforts to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the JET Programme, the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) hosted a video contest to create a platform for JET Programme participants and alumni to utilise their unique insight to discover and share the hidden charms of Japan’s local regions.
  • The contest, held over two periods – an Autumn/Winter Edition and Spring/Summer Edition – saw current and former JET participants submit videos on the theme of “JET Participants Introducing the Charms of Japan’s Local Regions.”
  • 50 videos were submitted in the Autumn/Winter Edition and 57 videos in the Spring/Summer Edition, for a total of 107 videos.
  • The 50 videos of the Autumn/Winter Edition and 57 videos of the Spring/Summer Edition were evaluated together by an expert panel of judges for excellence, originality, and effectiveness as a promotion tool for the regions of Japan featured in the video.
  • The 10 award winners of the contest, shown below, will be recognised for their achievements at the JET Programme 30th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony, scheduled to be held this November.
First Prize

Ekin Kabuki Festival, Akaoka, Japan
Alexander Barnett (Kochi Prefecture) Australia
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Most Voted Video Award

Rochelle Mighty (Toyama Prefecture) Jamaica

Best Idea Award

A Gourmet Tour of Aomori
Sooyoung Park (Aomori Prefecture) South Korea

PR Award

Tanegashima This is Our Island
Emily Rose Eisemann (Kagoshima Prefecture) America

Best of Season (Spring/Summer) Award

Kagura in the Shimane Highlands
Sarah Laverty (Shimane Prefecture) Australia

Definitely More Fun in Hiroshima – Kitto Motto Tanoshii Hiroshima
Arum Jung (Hiroshima Prefecture) South Korea

Best of Season (Autumn/Winter) Award

“Senri no Michi mo Ippo Yori (Little by little, one goes far.)
Aaron Jones (Oita Prefecture) America

Nishiizu, My Little Sunset Town by the Sea
Dana Nyberg (Shizuoka Prefecture) America

Special Judges’ Award

The Kotatsu Train of Iwate – Iwate no Kotatsu Ressha
Amanda Wayama (Iwate Prefecture) America

Tonneru wo Nukeru to Soko wa Hare no Kuni de atta
Edouard Brena (Okayama Prefecture) France

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