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Post-Arrival Orientation
Post-Arrival Orientation for April Arrivals

Post-Arrival Orientation, officially called Post-Arrival Orientation, is the first conference JET participants arriving in Group A, B or C will attend. This three-day conference (two days for those arriving in Group C) begins the day after new JET participants arrive in Japan and is the convergence point for new JET participants, before they disperse to their new home across Japan.

The purpose of Post-Arrival Orientation is to provide a basic introduction to life on the JET Programme. The orientation is composed of the following:

  • An introduction to the significance of the JET Programme, presented by Japanese government officials.
  • An introduction to the JET Programme positions and related conditions in Japan.
  • Workshops introducing job skills needed by JET participants to fulfil their positions, conducted by reappointed ALTs, CIRs and SEAs, CLAIR and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
  • A forum for meeting other JET participants from around Japan, and reappointed JET participants representing their host prefectures/designated cities. JET participants can have specific questions about their placements and positions answered by representatives from their host prefectures/designated cities.
  • A Q&A session for prefecture representatives, in which contracting organisations can ask questions and share information about participating in the JET Programme.

During this two-day orientation, new JET participants get the chance to meet with current JET participant and to hear first-hand about working in a Japanese school or local government office. Furthermore, new JET participants will be able to hear from other speakers and Japanese supervisors about expectations and duties from their respective organisations.

Post-Arrival Orientation for April Arrivals

Post-Arrival Orientation

JET participants arriving from Brazil, China, Korea and Peru arrive and begin their one-year appointment in April. A small number of JET participants from other countries also arrive at this time. After attending orientation, participants travel to their placement prefectures.

Post-Arrival Orientation for July & August Arrivals

Post-Arrival Orientation

JET participants coming from English speaking countries attend this orientation (A group arrivals, B group arrivals, and C group arrivals) before being dispatched to their placement prefectures.

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