All JET participants are covered with four types of insurance. Three of these are compulsory insurances set by the Japanese government. The fourth type is a special private policy for JET Programme participants.

Public insurances, compulsory according to the Japanese Law:
 (1) National Health Insurance
 (2) Pension Insurance
 (3) Employment Insurance
Private Insurance (for JET participants only):
 (4) JET Programme Accident Insurance

>> JET Programme Accident Insurance

CLAIR strongly recommends that you thoroughly read the insurance policy information available and that you maintain health insurance in your home country, as these insurances may not cover you fully in all situations.
Public Insurances
(1) National Health Insurance:
It is important to carry your National Health Insurance Card with you at all times. Insurance coverage may be refused if you are not carrying your insurance card. 70% of medical expenses are covered for illness and injuries. Medical care benefits include medical examination, provision of medicines or medical care supplies, emergency treatment, surgery and other medical treatment, in-home medical care, hospitalisation and nursing. The beneficiary of this insurance is thus covered in case of illness or injury, death or birth.
(2) Pension Insurance:
Enrollment in this policy is a legal requirement. It will provide for you or your family in the event that you are seriously injured or die during the period you are making payments into the policy. After leaving Japan, you are entitled to apply for a partial refund of the money you paid into the pension insurance.
(3) Employment Insurance:
JET participants working in Japan must enter the employment insurance scheme, regardless of nationality. It is possible for people who have joined this insurance policy and who fulfill the necessary requirements to receive unemployment benefits.
JET Programme Accident Insurance

For more information about the JET Program Accident Insurance, please refer to the pages below.

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