After JET Conference / JET Programme Career Fairs FAQ

After JET Conference / JET Programme Career Fairs FAQ
After JET Conference / JET Programme Career Fairs FAQ
What is the difference between the After JET Conference and the JET Programme Career Fairs?

At the After JET Conference, JET participants who are soon finishing their appointment will have an opportunity to learn about the current job market and get career advice from JET alumni working both overseas and Japan in a variety of career fields. Therefore, the information should be useful to you whether you are planning to stay in or leave Japan. On the other hand, the JET Programme Career Fairs aim to provide a platform for JET participants seeking employment in Japan to meet with companies/organisations seeking global personnel. In general, there are not many companies/organisations attending the fairs looking to offer jobs outside of Japan (e.g. in JET participants’ home countries). If you are considering finding employment in Japan, the career fairs will surely provide you with some useful information.

Is attendance at the After JET Conference/Career Fair(s) mandatory? Will transportation/lodging/meals be provided?
No, attendance at the After JET Conference/Career Fairs is voluntary. Thus participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation, lodging, and meals.
Is attendance at the After JET Conference/Career Fairs considered as a business trip?
As attendance at the events is voluntary, whether it is considered as work or not is ultimately decided by your contracting organisation. Thus please consult with your supervisor in advance.
Is it necessary to register in advance for the After JET Conference/Career Fairs?

Yes. While we would like to welcome as many participants as possible to these events, we ask that all attendees register in advance as there is a limited number of seats in the venues. To register, please visit the URL below and apply by the deadlines.

Can I arrive late or leave before the event is over?
In general, participants are free to come and go as they please. However, we ask participants to visit the Information Desk when leaving to return their name tag and submit the events survey.
Will CLAIR provide information about how to obtain a visa after finishing my term of appointment?
CLAIR plans to hold a 30-minute long seminar regarding visa procedures at the Tokyo Career Fair. However, we recommend JET participants to directly enquire about the necessary procedures with your regional Immigration Bureau.
Will information about pension refunds, booking return flights, etc. be provided at the events?
No. JET participants are encouraged to consult with their supervisor and refer to both the General Information Handbook (Chapter 7) and After JET Guide for more information about pension refunds and return airfare, etc.
I cannot attend the After JET Conference/ Career Fair(s) because of budgetary constraints and/or work obligations. Is there any way I can receive information about the events’ content?

Participants who cannot attend the After JET Conference will be able to find a selection of the presentations and handouts used at the After JET Conference online at the JET Programme website soon after the conference is finished.

Participants interested in applying for jobs at companies that attend the Career Fair(s) may also find useful information about job-hunting on the Career Fair website.

Is it possible to get a list of companies participating the Career Fairs in advance?
Information regarding companies participating the Career Fairs is scheduled to be made available on the Career Fair website one month before each fair.
Will CLAIR consider hosting a career fair or after-JET related event closer to my placement?
Starting in FY2017, CLAIR has been providing assistance to local governments who host career fairs in local regions. When a local career fair is scheduled to take place, CLAIR will provide information to JET participants.
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