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Testimonials - Thomas Janvier
19: Thomas Janvier

■ Job Type:ALT(Assistant Language Teacher)  ■ Prefecture:Chiba
■ Years on Programme:2008-2010


When I joined the JET Programme, I was obviously scared of pretty much everything. Going to an unknown country, changing lives, deciding to quit everything in my home country, and starting a brand new job were quite overwhelming.

This is why I was extremely relieved when I first met my supervisor, the vice-principal of the high school I was appointed to, and of course the students. They were all so nice, kind and understanding to me.

In a nutshell, I can say that the JET Programme allowed me to have what was probably the best experience in my whole life. I would have never thought that going somewhere unknown could be so fulfilling and satisfying.

Professionally speaking, my experience on the JET Programme as a French ALT teaching both French and English was the best way for me to find something that was best suited for me: teaching in Japan. Even if it was my first real work experience, everything went right from the very first day until the end of my tenure. Even now, I cannot even think of one thing that went wrong during those years. Not to mention that my colleagues at that time trusted me and gave me many responsibilities in the classroom. I loved it.

Psychologically speaking, it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to discover a new country, meet new people, taste a myriad of new dishes, listen to music bands that I had never heard of, go to places I had never imagined, and live a life I would have never lived otherwise.

I have a different job today, but I still live in Japan. This is definitely thanks to the JET Programme. Indeed, I still see some of my former students (who are in university now), and I cherish all the memories that I have made with them. I truly recommend the JET Programme to those who want to have a wonderful experience teaching in Japan.

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