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Testimonials - Susie Su
16: Susie Su

■ Job Type:CIR(Coordinator for International Relations)
■ Prefecture:Mie  ■ Years on Programme:2004-2007


This is my 3rd year on the JET Programme as a CIR. I initially planned to leave after my second year contract ended, but decided to stay. I think the best thing about the JET Programme is being able to be part of internationalisation process and changing people’s perspectives toward many things. Other than teaching in the community centre, I organize cooking classes and cross-cultural events, plan overseas trips – actually taking people back to my home country (to differentiate from tour packages organized by travel agencies) – and more.

Globalisation is more than being able to communicate in foreign languages and this is something I have been trying to instill through my work. Being able to understand and accept differences is so much more important than anything else. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate on the JET Programme. This cultural exchange will become invaluable as we reach the age of true internationalisation and I would strongly recommend the Programme to anyone who is willing to broaden their horizon.

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