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02: Amber Cordell

■ Job Type:ALT(Assistant Language Teacher)  ■ Prefecture:Kyoto
■ Years on Programme:2001-2004


The JET Programme was the greatest experience of my life. When I first arrived in Japan on the JET Programme I knew my life would be forever changed. I did research for my master’s thesis on Japanese Buddhism, made life long friends from around the world, learned Japanese, and traveled all over Asia. I took gorgeous photographs and received many gifts that I will treasure forever. Most importantly, I made a difference in the lives of young people. The other JET participants I became friends with, the people in my small town, the teachers I worked with, and the students I taught, actually taught me more than I could ever teach them and they touched my life profoundly.

Now I am a coordinator of cultural programs and an ESL faculty member at a university. Without the JET Programme, I would never have had such an incredible career opportunity.

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