-Work experience programme at Japanese Companies for JET Participants-

As part of CLAIR’s efforts to support JET participants in their future career endeavours, and to increase awareness among companies in Japan about the excellent, global-minded, multilingual talent among JET Programme participants, CLAIR coordinated an internship programme over two periods in August and September of this year.

This was the second year of the internship programme, which was well received by both JET participants and companies involved.

CLAIR will continue to proactively engage in career support initiatives for JET Programme participants looking to work in Japan after JET.

2017 JET Internship Programme Summary
Internship Period

August: Monday, 31 July – Friday, 4 August 2017 [5 days]
September: Monday, 4 September – Friday, 8 September 2017 [5 days]

Requirements for Participation
  • Applicants must be current JET Programme Participants who will be in their 3rd to 5th year as of August 2017
  • Applicants must show proof of possessing an advanced level of Japanese(JLPT Level N2 or above)
Number of Participants and Companies
  • JET Participants  August: 10, September:19, Total: 29
  • Companies August: 8 companies, September: 13 companies, Total:16 companies(with 5 companies participating in both internship periods)
  • Types of Companies Manufacturing, recruitment, travel, marketing, consulting, research, customer service, trading, etc.
Comments From Participants
  • ‘By participating in the internship program, I learned that there really are jobs that would require me to use the skills, experience and knowledge that I have acquired up until now. This boosted my confidence that I will be able to find a job in Japan.’
  • ‘I learned a lot from working in an environment that is different to a school.’
  • ‘The people at my placement were very kind. They explained the job to me and invited me to eat lunch with them. Even though one week is a very short time, I felt that I became a member of the team.’
  • ‘As well as improving my ability to communicate in Japanese, I was also able to learn about Japanese work culture. I realised that there are many types of jobs even within a company, so no matter what company I choose to work, I feel that I would be able to contribute.’
Comments From Companies
  • ‘The intern’s level of Japanese was very good. We were really surprised that they were at a level where they can easily get by in a business setting, because they told us that as an ALT they have few opportunities to study Japanese as they mostly speak in English at work and with their colleagues.’
  • ‘The intern fit in well to our workplace. They even attended our monthly company meeting.’
  • ‘The support provided from the initial application process to the follow-up was good, so the burden on our company was minimal. Also, the intern was very professional, so overall we were extremely satisfied with the program.’
  • ‘Both the intern and our employees enjoyed the program and learned a lot from the experience.’