Twice every year, in order to assist JET Programme participants in maintaining their connections with Japan and the JET Programme after leaving the prgramme, and to provide them with networking and career support opportunities, CLAIR collects contact information from non-reappointing JET participants in the ‘After JET Contact Details Survey’.

Information about events for returnee JETs will be sent from CLAIR overseas offices and Japanese Embassies and Consulates to the e-mail address you provide. CLAIR will also forward your contact information to one JET Alumni Association (JETAA) chapter you request to join. Information about JETAA chapters can be found on the JET Programme homepage ( Finally, participants will also be able to request to receive information from CLAIR and other relevant organisations if the need arises, and sign up to receive the JET Programme alumni newsletter, JET Streams.

Please fill out the form using the following URL or QR code:


We wish you the best for your future endeavours and hope that you will continue to be a bridge between Japan and your home country in the future.

Please note that it is not possible to submit the form without agreeing to the Terms of Consent Related to Personal Information on Page 1 of the survey.

The form can be accessed between: 1 July (Thurs) and 31 Aug (Tues) 2021

If you have any questions, or if your contact details change at any time after submitting the form, please send an email to