With the cooperation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CLAIR hosted the 2017 After JET Conference in Yokohama on 20 – 21 February. This conference provided a chance for current JET participants finishing their appointment on the Programme this year to explore the next step in their careers with the help of JET alumni and professional consultants.

The goal of this annual conference is to provide information about utilising one’s JET experience to find career success regardless of whether participants decide to stay in Japan, return to their home countries, or start a new life elsewhere. Experts from a variety of career fields give presentations at the conference; topics covered this year ranged from education, translation, and cross-cultural consulting to the video games industry, creative careers with web-design and photography, and the travel industry.

Thank you to the 20 motivational speakers, presenters, panelists, and career consultants, as well as the approximately 400 JET participants who attended this two day conference.

In the afternoon of the second day of the conference, CLAIR and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce co-hosted the JET Programme Career Fair (Greater Tokyo). With 77 companies and organisations in attendance providing career opportunities and advice for JET participants and alumni, this year’s career fair came to be the largest one in the JET Programme’s history.

This marks the last career support event for JET Programme participants this fiscal year. CLAIR plans to continue and further expand the After JET Conference, career fairs, and internship programmes in FY2017, so please continue to check the career support section of the JET Programme website for more information.