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CLAIR News November 2023


CLAIR requests that each JET Programme participant register for the Safety Confirmation System (Emergency Call) and Contact Information Survey. These are two separate systems. Please register to both using the links below.

Safety Confirmation System: or

Your login ID and password are both the final nine numbers of your JET Number, omitting the first two digits (20).

*If your contracting organisation has changed, please register your new address.

Contact Information Survey:
Login ID: JET Number (11 digits beginning with 20)
Password: Date of birth (YYYYMMDD)

*For JET Programme participants who were originally scheduled to arrive in Japan in 2020 or 2021 please use your pre-arrival JET number that starts with 2020 or 2021.

Emergency Pocket Guide for JET Programme Participants
To ensure your safety in Japan, please take the opportunity to ensure that you are prepared in case a disaster occurs.
CLAIR has compiled an Emergency Pocket Guide for reference in the event of a disaster. Please keep it with you at all times. Please ensure that you fill out the important parts and keep it with you in case of a disaster.
*CLAIR distributes the Emergency Pocket Guide during orientation for new arrivals.

With the aim of enhancing mental health support for JET Programme participants, CLAIR offers the JET Programme Mental Health Counselling Assistance Programme. This Programme provides a partial subsidy (50%, up to 30,000 yen per year) for counselling costs incurred through consultation with mental health professionals not covered by health insurance.

The coverage period for this year is from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.  Documents for the subsidy should be submitted through Contracting Organisations until 5 April 2024. Since there is a high volume of applications in March and April, please kindly submit the documents in advance.

JET Programme participants can also receive free counselling offered by CLAIR via Web Mail and Skype. If you wish to use these services, please access them using the URLs below, input the ID/password, and follow the instructions for registration. Up to seven Skype sessions are available between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024. We recommend starting with web mail, which has no limits on usage.

Web Mail and Skype Counselling

Login Information:
Username: jet
(Please check the email edition of CLAIR News for the latest password.)

In the event of a disaster CLAIR will confirm the safety of JET Programme participants using the Safety Confirmation System (Emergency Call). It only takes a few moments to confirm your safety via the email you receive. Please make sure you respond regarding your safety situation when a safety confirmation email arrives, as it otherwise takes time for Host Prefectures/Designated Cities to confirm the safety of each individual JET Programme participant in the affected area(s).

In any given year in Japan, there will be somewhere which has had an emergency warning issued. The country is also prone to large earthquakes. At the moment, Japan is entering a period of increased chance for emergency warnings to be issued due to increased rain and typhoons. Because of this, we are asking JET Programme participants and supervisors at each contracting organisation to confirm information registered with the Safety Confirmation System and to check how to respond to a safety confirmation request should an email arrive. If you receive a safety confirmation request email, please respond to it right away.

Safety Confirmation requests are sent out based on Host Prefecture/Designated City, so participants may receive safety confirmation requests even when they are not physically near the site of a disaster. In this case, a response is still required from each individual to whom the request is sent.


The time for reappointment procedures has begun. Please talk with friends, family, etc. and consult with your supervisor before making your decision. Changes cannot be made to reappointment decisions after the submission deadline.

All JET Programme participants should receive documentation regarding the reappointment procedures from their contracting organisations. Please read the documents carefully and consult with your supervisor if you have any questions. The reappointment documents will also be made accessible on the JET Programme website after the official notice to contracting organisations. Please refer to the links below.

More information about reappointment can be found in the GIH (pp. 65–69). Please note that the content of the GIH may differ from the reappointment documents provided by your contracting organisation. In that case, please prioritise the content in the documents provided by your contracting organisation.
(Please check the email edition of CLAIR News for the latest password.)

We are officially one month into submissions for the JET Video Contest! There are only two months left to create a video that shows off the unique charms of Japan as well as connects with one of the three Japanese idioms below.

一期 いちご 一会 いちえ
(Ichigo Ichie)
一生 いっしょう 懸命 けんめい
花鳥 かちょう 風月 ふうげつ
‘Once-in-a-lifetime chance’ ‘Trying as hard as one can’ ‘The beauties of nature’

Creators of exceptional videos will be invited on a trip to Tokyo for an award ceremony in summer 2024, with their flight and accommodation paid for, and have the chance to receive a reward for their work.

Please check the JET Programme website for more details! (

We are looking forward to your submission!

Beginning with the 2023–2024 JET Programme year, CLAIR is offering the online Career Vision Conference for all current JET Programme participants and alumni. The conference will be held online 18–19 November (Saturday–Sunday), and aims to inform participants about possible post-JET Programme career paths via webinar Q&As with alumni in various fields. Signups are now open.

Please register via the following link, after confirming with your Contracting Organisation to avoid scheduling conflicts (in case of weekend events, etc.). Panels are limited to 1,000 participants each, with spots being first-come first-served. Participants do not need to attend every panel.

Links for each panel will be sent to registered attendees by email prior to the event.

Registration deadline: 10 November

All JET Programme participants should have received a tentative schedule and other information from their Contracting Organisations. Please ask your supervisor if you have not received this material.

Visit the following page for a full list of CLAIR’s 2023–2024 JET Programme Career Support events and programmes:

To all CIRs: The 2023–2024 CIR Opinion Exchange, which goal is to foster conversation about daily work, is planned to take place in February 2024. We are looking for approximately 10 CIRs to take part in the opinion exchange.

Applications are open from late November through early December. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to your contracting organisation’s supervisor during the application window. Please be aware that in case of too many applications, a selection process will be conducted.

This survey is conducted by National AJET as an avenue for JET Programme participants to voice their comments and concerns with CLAIR. The results will be discussed at the annual AJET Opinion Exchange Meeting on 8 December 2023. During the opinion exchange, AJET, CLAIR and the three ministries involved in the JET Programme discuss current issues among JET Programme participants, and ideas to further improve the JET Programme.

Link to the survey:
(Survey hosted by National AJET)

*Please note that CLAIR is unable to answer any enquiries regarding survey content or completion.

CLAIR will be hosting the JET Programme Career Fair for JET Programme participants who will be in their final year of appointment in 2024. Please check the details below.

Osaka Saturday, 17 February Umeda Sky Building–Stella Hall
Tokyo Sunday, 25 February Tokyo Ryutsu Center–Second Exhibition Hall F Hall

Please visit the following link for more information including Q&As and a list of companies that have attended past Career Fairs.

We are currently in the process of selecting companies and are planning to open up applications for participants in December.

For other enquiries, please contact CLAIR at

The 2023–2024 CIR Mid-Year Conference will be held over the following dates. In addition, CLAIR has allocated participants as follows:

Session 1: 13–15 December 2023
(1st – 3rd year CIRs representing the following countries: United States of America, China, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru)

Session 2: 4–6 March 2024
(1st – 3rd year CIRs representing countries not listed in Session 1)

Although 4th–5th year CIRs and supervisors are unfortunately not able to attend as participants due to venue restrictions, Day 2 case study presentation applications are open to 4th–5th year CIRs as well.

Information for Session 1 (December) participants will be sent at a later date.

The Sports Exchange Advisor (SEA) Mid-Year Conference is a two-day conference held every year during the autumn–winter period for all SEAs.

The Conference is aimed at providing practical work-related skills and information that will help SEAs in their everyday jobs. This information is provided through a combination of workshops and seminars by various professionals.

This year, the Conference will be held on 9–10 November at BumB Tokyo Sports Culture Center.

The 2023–2024 Grant for JLPT is offered to JET Programme participants who have passed the N1, N2, or N3 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), for either the first or second test of 2023. The grant reimburses the complete testing fee of 7,500 yen.

Details regarding application procedures are available at the link below.

To apply, please mail the application form and relevant documents to CLAIR so that they arrive by the deadlines below.

Please note: The grant application deadline for the first JLPT, which took place on 2 July, is 17 November.

Test Test Date Grant Application Deadline
First Sunday, 2 July Friday, 17 November
Second Sunday, 3 December Friday, 15 March 2024

Please be sure that all your documents arrive by the above deadlines.

The Cabinet Office, Government of Japan is currently hosting the a “Cool Japan” photo contest.

They are looking for photographs that express the unique appeal of Japan (the hidden appeal that Japanese residents may not be not aware of).

Organizer: Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

For submissions, please follow and tag the Cool Japan official Instagram account (@CJPF_JP) and post your photograph with the hashtag “#CJPF_JP”.

For details, please check the official Cool Japan website:

General Notices

The second application period for the 2023–2024 Grant for TEFL/TESOL Certification has now closed. All successful applications should have received a notice of eligibility from CLAIR.

Please aim to complete your course and send the Course Completion Report and course certificate so that it arrives at CLAIR by the deadline, Friday, 22 February 2024.

Details regarding the grant are available on the following page:

For questions, please use CLAIR’s new grant-specific email address:

All JET Programme participants are strongly advised to register with their home country’s embassy or local consulate, and/or through their embassy run travel registration scheme while living in Japan. Your embassy may be able to help you and your relatives obtain necessary information and check on each other’s safety in times of emergency. Please check the website of your home country’s embassy or local consulate for more details:

CLAIR has started a new webpage on the JET Programme website for embassies in Japan to post information for JET Programme participants from their country. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Please note that CLAIR does not take responsibility for any of the information listed on this page. For enquiries regarding the information on this webpage, please contact the embassy in question directly.

You can apply for online Japanese language courses offered by CLAIR.

For the 2023–2024, changes are being made to the format and application process for the JET Programme Japanese language courses. For detailed information, please check out the course guide on the JET Programme website (link below).

Japanese Language Course Application Form

Regarding unit deadlines: Each unit will be extended automatically for up to six months, requiring additional contact through the course help desk for extensions into the seventh month onward. It is recommended to complete each unit within one month to complete the course in a reasonable timeframe.

Note: Questions about course content (grammar, vocabulary, etc.) may be submitted through the course provider site for instructor input.

Is your house or apartment covered by property insurance (kasai hoken)? If you do not know, please check with your contracting organisation supervisor.

There have been several cases where JET Programme participants were forced to pay for the damages to not only their own, but also their neighbours’ housing when there were water leaks or other problems. (If a water leak occurs, damage to the property of neighbours is covered by the JET Accident Insurance Policy Liability Endorsement, but damage to your own property as well as damage to the structure or building can only be covered by property insurance.)

Whether or not to purchase property insurance is the choice of the JET Programme participant. However, if found liable for damages, the costs can be very high. Therefore, CLAIR recommends that participants enrol in property insurance.

Although the majority of JET Programme participants live in rental properties, earthquake insurance may also be taken to account for the cost of lost household items, such as personal computers or TVs. Therefore, please take care to research a suitable form of insurance for your situation.

Personal tax affairs in one’s home country are the responsibility of each JET Programme participant. Be sure to obtain and keep your gensen chōshūhyō, or Statement of Earnings. Please refer to the General Information Handbook (GIH) for more details.

This is a reminder that CLAIR compiles handbooks for ALTs, SEAs, and CIRs on the JET Programme website.

The handbooks provide information on work duties, and how to adapt to your workplace in Japan.

If you have not checked out your handbook yet, please take a look!

Additionally, the page contains teaching materials for ALTs, including many example games and activities for different school levels.

Besides the ALT Handbook on the JET Programme website, there is another ALT Handbook produced by MEXT with support from the British Council. This handbook can be viewed at the following link (

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