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Application Process

Application for participation in the JET Programme is a long and competitive process. However, the rewards of being chosen are well worth the effort. Successful applicants receive a one-year term of appointment with a contracting organisation in Japan.

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Participant Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection of participants is conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its embassies and consulates overseas. Individuals interested in becoming JET participants should contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in their country of citizenship.

In addition to conducting regular recruitment activities using posters, pamphlets and the internet, overseas embassies and consulates hold information sessions at venues such as colleges, universities and career centres during the active recruitment period (this period may vary slightly depending on the participating country and arrival period in Japan).

Participant Selection Process

The application process for the JET Programme is long and competitive. Because an appointment on the JET Programme is a one-year commitment, applicants are advised to give serious consideration as to whether they want to live and work in Japan for at least one year or not.

The recruitment, application and selection of new JET participants is carried out by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs via its Japanese Embassies and Consulates General in participating countries.

Although CLAIR is not directly involved in the application process, we provide the following general schedule of the application process. As dates vary by country, please contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country of citizenship for further information.

Step1: [October to Late November/Early December]
Paper applications accepted (deadline varies by country)
The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes the JET Programme and distributes applications via its embassies and consulates (some countries implement the application process online).
Interested applicants must complete and submit applications to the Embassy of Japan in their home country by the deadline designated by that embassy.
Step2: [January]
First notice sent to applicants
Applications are reviewed by the Embassy of Japan.
Step3: [February]
Interviews held at Japanese embassies and consulates
Applicants who pass the application-review stage are interviewed at the nearest embassy or consulate.
Step4: [Late March to April]
Second notice sent to applicants
Applicants selected for April departure depart for Japan and participate in Post-Arrival Orientation in Tokyo
Interview results are announced (notification is sent to those applicants who are selected as either a shortlisted participant or alternate, as well as to those who are not selected).
Step5: [May-July]
Submit Health Check and Reply Forms
Sucessful Applicants Receive Placement Information
Once participation on the Programme has been confirmed by the shortlisted participant and placement has been decided, placement notification results are sent by the embassy or consulate. Placement information will also be sent by the contracting organisation.
Step6: [June/July]
Pre-Departure Orientation
Q&A sessions and preliminary training sessions are held for selected participants at the embassy and consulate. There will also be a pre-departure orientation held by the embassy and consulate before you leave for Japan.
Step7: [July/August]
Departure on Designated Day
Post-Arrival Orientation in Tokyo

※Arrivals for 2020 will take place in September.

*The timeline is simply a guideline and subject to change. Please contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in your country of citizenship for specific enquiries.

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