The JET Alumni Association

The JET Programme Alumni Association (JETAA) is a self-supporting alumni association which was created in 1989 to strengthen and maintain the bonds of friendship developed between JET Programme participants. The purpose of JETAA is to promote through its activities a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the countries participating on the JET Programme. JETAA currently has 53 regional chapters located in 16 countries/regions and over 29,000 members.

JETAA-International (JETAA-I)


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JETAA Chapters Worldwide
Australia(JETAA Oceania) NSW | Vic/Tas/SA | Western Australia | Canberra | Queensland
Brazil Brazil
Canada Ottawa | Toronto | Quebec Atlantic | Manitoba/Saskatchewan | 
Northern Alberta | British Columbia/Yukon | Southern Alberta | 
France France
Germany Germany
India India
Ireland Ireland
Jamaica Jamaica
Japan Eastern Japan | Western Japan | Tokyo
New Zealand(JETAA Oceania) Wellington | Auckland
South Korea South Korea
Singapore Singapore
South Africa South Africa: Homepage, Facebook
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
United Kingdom London | Midlands | Northwest | Wales | Northern Ireland | Scotland & Northern England
United States Washington D.C. | New York | New England | Southeast (Atlanta) | 
Mid-South | Florida | Chicago | Heartland (Kansas City) | 
Texas/Oklahoma | Rocky Mountain | Pacific Northwest | Portland | 
Northern California | Southern California | Hawaii | Alaska | 
Great Lakes | Minnesota | Music City (Nashville)
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