Have you had exciting and unique experiences, met interesting people, and made new discoveries while on the JET Programme?

This year, 2016, marks the 30th Anniversary of the JET Programme. Over 60,000 people have participated in the programme in the past 30 years, and many of them have formed life-long bonds with Japan and the local communities they lived in, and, most importantly, made unforgettable memories.

We at CLAIR would like to provide a space for everyone involved in the JET Programme, be it current JET participants, JET alumni, or Japanese people that have connections with the JET Programme, to express their ‘thank you’ to the people they have grown close to because of the Programme or to the Programme itself.

It is our hope that, through the sharing of these arigato messages, JET Programme participants will be able to strengthen bonds of friendship and community with each other and members of the Japanese community, as well as to build excitement for the celebration of the Programme’s 30th Anniversary.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in informing your fellow JET Programme colleagues and friends in the community of this campaign, and we look forward to your submissions.

For information about how to make a submission, please refer to the Campaign’s site. 50 lucky submitters will be presented with limited JET Programme 30th Anniversary goods!