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2022 After JET Conference
2022 Presentation Materials
Industry Talk Materials
Careers in Translation & Interpretation Kia Cheleen Presentation (PDF) PDF
Careers in Public Service Handout (PDF) PDF
Careers in Education (1): Working as a Teacher Michael Hofmeyer Handout (PDF) PDF
Michael Hofmeyer Presentation (PDF) PDF
Nick Williams Presentation (PDF) PDF
Getting into Graduate School Leah Gowron Handout 1 (PDF) PDF
Leah Gowron Handout 2 (PDF) PDF
Leah Gowron Handout 3 (PDF) PDF
Leah Gowron Presentation (PDF) PDF
Recruiting (General Career Guidance) Leo Satsukawa Presentation (PDF) PDF
Careers in Travel & Tourism Harry Sargant Presentation (PDF) PDF
Careers in Education (2): Alternative Careers Handout (PDF) PDF
Careers in Tech Claire Froelich Handout (PDF) PDF
Eden Law Handout (PDF) PDF
Careers in the Games Industry Josiah Wilson & Gavin Greene Handout (PDF) PDF
Careers in the Writing & Publishing Industries Carey Finn Presentation (PDF) PDF
Jennifer Sherman Presentation (PDF) PDF
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