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Austrian Embassy Tokyo

Contact phone: (+81/3)3451-8281

Contact Email:

Embassy website:

Link to Embassy related social media accounts:

Facebook Austrian Embassy Tokyo

Facebook Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo

Other links (travel advice and sign up request):

British Embassy Tokyo

Contact phone and email: 03 5211 1100 (available 24 hours).

For non-consular related matters –

Consular does not have a public facing email address, but people can contact us for consular related enquiries using the web contact form here.

Embassy website link:

Link to Embassy related social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter

Other links: Travel advice sign up request. We encourage all British nationals to sign up to alerts for our travel advice here. (This gives the latest updates on natural disasters, entry requirements, safety, etc)

Embassy of Japan to Canada

Phone: 03-5412-6200 (24/7)

Social Media:
Twitter/X (English):
Facebook (English):
Twitter/X (French):
Facebook (French):
Twitter/X (Japanese):
Facebook (Japanese):

Sign up for consular/emergency notifications (or update your registration information) at

For consular support please contact the Embassy at:
TEL: 03-5412-6200 (24h*)
Service Hours:
M-F 09:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00
*Please note that your call will be forwarded to Global Affairs Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa during non-office hours.
Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre (EWRC) for 24/7 support
DIRECT TEL: +1-613-996-8885

Art of Canada’s Northwest Coast Peoples – New Challenges (Registration due September 13)
Looking for something to do on holiday Monday (September 18)? From 15:00-17:00, The Embassy (in collaboration with the National Museum of Ethnology of Japan and Destination Canada) is pleased to present a public lecture on Canadian Indigenous Art with presentations from experts and Indigenous artists alike! For more information on “Art of Canada’s Northwest Coast Peoples – New Challenges” please check out this PDF PDF or the event page on Facebook. RSVP to by September 13!

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