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CLAIR News August 2016
Mental Health Support Resources

The JET Mental Health Counselling Assistance Programme provides a partial subsidy (50%, up to 20,000 yen per year) for counselling costs incurred through consultation with mental health professionals in Japan not covered by health insurance. Additionally, the JET Online Counselling Service offers professional counselling for free through Web Mail and Skype. Please ask your contracting organisation for further information.

(Important) Registration of Contact Information for JET Participants

Please make sure to access the link below and register your contact information, including the name of your main workplace and your personal e-mail address. In case of changes, your contact information can be modified via the same website. Ask your contracting organisation supervisor to obtain your ID and password.

Japanese Language Courses (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

Registration is still possible even after the registration deadline for a course has passed. The courses’ contents have been redesigned this year, so check the course guide before registering. Please remember to plan your study schedule to finish the course on time.

Translation & Interpretation Course

CLAIR is now accepting applications for the Translation & Interpretation Course (English). Applications must be completed through your contracting organisation. The deadline to apply is 19 August (A,B arrivals) or 26 August(C arrivals).

JET Arigato Campaign

Only 2 weeks are left in the submission period for the Arigato Campaign. Learn more about how to submit a message and view the current submissions at the campaign’s homepage.

JET Programme Video Contest

The submission and voting period for the contest ends on 31 August. Be sure to submit your videos before the deadline and vote for your favorite videos at the contest’s homepage.

Post-Arrival Checklist for New JET Participants

A useful checklist for newly arrived JET participants can be found on p.79 of the General Information Handbook. Please refer to the checklist for tips about how to become accustomed to your new residence and workplace, including reviewing participants’ insurance policies and registering with your embassy:

Post-Arrival Checklist (p.79)

Information about Insurance (p.53)

Registering with your Embassy

All JET participants are strongly advised to register with their home country’s embassy or local consulate while living in Japan, as your embassy may be able to help you and your relatives obtain necessary information and check on each other’s safety in times of emergency. Please ask your home country’s embassy or local consulate for details:

Enrollment in Fire/House & Contents Insurance

Is your house or apartment covered by fire insurance (kasai hoken)? If you do not know, please check with your supervisor at your contracting organisation.

There have been several cases where JET participants were forced to pay for the damage to not only their own, but also their neighbours’ housing when there were water leaks or other problems (in the case of a water leak, damage to property of neighbours is covered by the JET Accident Insurance Policy Liability Endorsement, but damage to your own property as well as damage to the structure or building can only be covered by fire insurance). Whether or not to purchase fire insurance is the choice of the JET participant. However, when you are liable for reparation, the costs can be very high and therefore CLAIR recommends that JET participants enrol in fire insurance.

Furthermore, JET participants are encouraged to consider purchasing earthquake insurance, too. Most JET participants live in rental housing. However, it is possible to enrol in earthquake insurance for damage to household items. JET participants may wish to consider the cost of replacing appliances such as computers, TVs and stereos with the cost of earthquake insurance. *You can enrol in fire and earthquake insurance together as a set.

Frequently Asked Question from New JET Participants

I heard from a JET participant in another contracting organisation that they are not required to pay rent for their apartment and have been provided furniture and appliances for free. There are also JET participants who receive more days of paid leave than I do. Can I ask my contracting organisation for the same conditions as these other JET participants?


Although some contracting organisations may help the JET participant to find housing, the JET participant is responsible for all costs concerning accomodation. A JET participant’s remuneration is calculated to be sufficient for living costs in Japan. This includes purchasing essential appliances and paying rent. Some contracting organisations provide their JET participants with furnishings for their apartments, but the expenses for such furnishings are beyond the basic budget specified for JET participants. The same applies for rent. CLAIR guidelines do not indicate how many days of paid leave JET participants should receive per year. The Labour Standards Law states that employees should receive at least 10 days in one year. Please be aware that working conditions, regulations, and budgets vary and that this will unavoidably result in differences in the terms and conditions for JET participants.

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